Policies & General Information

Safeguarding related policies:

Download our Safeguarding policy here

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The school asks for voluntary contributions towards trips and school events that are related to the curriculum.  These contributions represent a proportion of the cost based on the principle that every parent pays.  Where parents do not pay, this is financed from our “Pupil Premium” and is NOT levied by increasing the contributions of those that DO pay.  However, if contributions were to fall considerably because too many parents choose not to pay, we might not be able to send pupils on as many interesting visits as we do at the moment.

Download our Charging policy here

Residential visits are not part of the daily curriculum and thus the school will refuse places to children whose parents do not wish to pay.

The school reserves the right to refuse to take a pupil on a trip if his/her participation may endanger the health and safety of others on the trip, or the pupil him/her self.


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