Here at Southwark, we regard excellent behaviour as essential if our children are to learn and achieve their full potential. We also acknowledge our influence in promoting positive behaviour which will enable our pupils to be successful, life-long learners and responsible citizens.

Southwark Primary School encourages all staff to provide experiences for the development of a number of personal qualities and attributes. As our pupils enter the Early Years & Foundation Stage, we focus on the ‘characteristics of effective learning’ and as our pupils move further up the school we focus on six main learning behaviours: teamwork, determination, focus, curiosity, creativity and reflection. We promote these learning behaviours through all areas of the curriculum, as well as discuss these in assemblies and explicitly recognising, encouraging and celebrating when these are shown.

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Our learning behaviours ‘come to life’ in the form of superheroes named The Unstoppables: Creator (creative), Solo (determined), Scianna (curious), Bullseye (focussed), and Reflector (reflective). Why not ask your child about how these superheroes help them to demonstrate each learning behaviour? Consistency and use of a common vocabulary are central to our success in achieving a dynamic and positive learning atmosphere throughout the school.

Working alongside parents is also essential. Through ‘Assertive Mentoring’ meetings with parents, class teachers are able to engage in high quality dialogue, focussing on academic progress as well as the behaviour and well-being of our pupils. We use the communication tool, Class Dojo, to celebrate these learning behaviours which enables rapid, real time feedback of behaviour as well as opening up lines of communication between home and school.

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A copy of the behaviour policy, which is reviewed annually by staff and parent volunteers, is available below:


Southwark Primary School Behaviour Policy 2020 2021
Southwark Primary School Anti-Bullying Policy 2020 2021
Southwark Primary School Physical Intervention Policy 2020 2021
Southwark Primary School Peer on Peer Abuse Policy 2020 2021