Digital Literacy

The internet is a fantastic resource that offers adults and children alike a wealth of experiences, information and connection that they wouldn’t otherwise have. It allows us to share and collaborate like never before, and, when used responsibly, it enhances lives and learning. However, we must also be aware of some of the risks that internet use presents. Children are living an increasing amount of their lives online, and it is involved in all areas of our lives: almost everything in our homes connects to it. With children now having their own phones and tablets and internet use difficult to monitor at all times, it is our joint responsibility to ensure we raise children to be mature, discerning and digitally literate; we must empower them to engage responsibly and use their powers of critical thinking to make positive choices and impact online.

 digital literacy


Talking to your child about their internet use is the best way to identify problems they might be facing and enable you to support them through difficulties – be open and honest.

Please click on the document below which gives both parents and children really useful information on how to stay safe online.

If you feel you would benefit from any further advice or support, please email computing@southwarkprimary.net – messages will be checked and replied to weekly.





Useful website links and guidance on internet safety