Physical Education

Our Intent

At Southwark we stride to offer a broad range of inclusive opportunities that nurture talent, allow pupils to excel and develop competence, ability and skill and self-belief through sport and PE.

Sport at Southwark underpins the principles of respect and fairness at school, home and in the community therefore instilling an inner self discipline that children can apply in their home life, wider school life and future.

We want to equip children with the determination and aspiration to make their own choices regardless of individual barriers.

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 PE Throughout Southwark


At the end of EYFS, pupils will understand their physical attributes and control of fine and gross motor skills whilst exploring how their body can move and how their physical ability can be both harnessed and developed. They will understand how to exercise self-discipline in managing risks when faced with new situations when participating individually or within a group or team.

Pupils will exercise both physical and mental self-discipline to reinforce, contradict and challenge their own experiences and perceptions about their life experiences up to date. Pupils will be exposed to new situations in order to understand how resilience can affect confidence and vice versa.

They will understand, remember and talk about how to lead healthy lifestyles.


Pupils will develop their own self-awareness and their contribution within the dynamics of a team and in increasingly more complex physical situations. They will continue to use their underpinning knowledge in order to hone and refine their gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. Pupils will select appropriate equipment to facilitate the best outcome and be able to select appropriate moments to self-challenge.

Pupils will understand the component parts of a healthy life style and are confident to challenge themselves and those in their immediacy, including family members.


Children will develop upon skills from earlier key stages and apply them to game situations which involve tactics, rules and strategies. Children will take an active role in a wide range of experiences and sports understanding their own talents and skills and the destinations these can lead to. Pupils will show high aspirations for their future as they have been exposed to a variety of individual and team experiences. Pupils will be role models for others demonstrating respect and fairness. They will be able to communicate effectively in a team or as a leader, laying foundations for the future. Children will make informed choices relating to their own healthy lifestyles at home and at school. Children will be empowered to challenge community and national factors which are affecting the ability to lead healthy lifestyles.

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