School Uniform

All children at Southwark Primary School wear school uniform. Children are expected to wear school colours and we are strict about this: it builds a sense of identity with the school like wearing the right kit for a football team! We do have clothing available for sale with the school logo on, but any clothing that is smart, in the correct colours, and suitable for school life is acceptable.

All children (Nursery – Year 6) should wear:

  • Sweatshirt or cardigan in royal blue
  • Polo shirt in royal or light blue or white
  • Shirt/blouse in light blue or white
  • Pinafore or skirt in navy blue, grey or black (navy blue, black or grey cycling shorts can be worn underneath)
  • Gingham dress in blue and white (blue or white cycling shorts can be worn underneath)
  • School trousers in black or grey
  • Smart shorts or culottes in black or grey 
  • Flat, black (plain) school shoes.

PE Kit:

  • White Polo shirt or T-shirt (no logos)
  • Blue or black shorts (no logos)
  • Blue or black leggings / tracksuit for outdoor PE (no logos)
  • Suitable, non-marking plimsoles or trainers

If a child forgets their kit they will take part in their ordinary clothes provided their shoes are suitable, and the clothes may get dirty so please make sure they have their kit! Children also need a warm outdoor coat as we take them out in most weathers! This can be any colour or style.

In school you can buy the following items with the correct school colours and logos:

  • Sweatshirts (£8.50)
  • Polo shirts (£7.50)
  • Cardigans (£9.50)
  • Fleece (£14.00)
  • Waterproof coats (£22.00)
  • PE bags (£2.50)
  • Book bags (£2.50)
  • Messenger style book bags (£5.75)
  • Summer and winter hats (£2.50)

All uniform should be ordered and paid for online and collected from the school office.

Please, please make sure all clothing has a name in it – we can end up with many identical items!


No jewellery is allowed for safety reasons. This includes earrings. If you want your child to have their ears pierced, please have them done at the beginning of the summer holiday so that they are healed by September and the earrings can be removed.

If you want your child to wear an item of jewellery for religious reasons you must write to the Governing Body so that they can consider the health and safety implications.