Our Intent

We want Southwark pupils to be curious about how the world works. They should accumulate key knowledge and conceptual understanding of Biology, Chemistry and Physics through different types of scientific enquiry, first-hand experience and ‘Big Ideas’. They should understand and articulate how scientific concepts shape the world that they live in today and in the future. They understand how their own actions impact their own environment and the wider world.

Science Progression at Southwark


We want Southwark pupils to ask a question about the world around them and talk about what they see and experience first hand. They show care and concern for living things and their environment. They begin to develop an awareness of ‘Big Ideas’ linked to larger scientific concepts.


Southwark pupils will observe and experience the world around them through first hand observation and practical investigation, including within ‘Big Ideas’. They will demonstrate curiosity to ask and answer their own questions through scientific enquiry and use scientific terminology to communicate their ideas and findings. They have an awareness of the impact that they have on the environment.

Lower KS2

Southwark pupils will begin to broaden their scientific view of the world, including Big Ideas, by exploring relationships and interactions (between everyday phenomena, living things and environment and how they can have an impact on these). They will discuss, test and develop their own methods for investigating questions and preconceptions, including comparative and fair tests. They can use scientific terminology to draw and explain conclusions both verbally and in writing.

Upper KS2

Southwark pupils will deepen their understanding of scientific concepts and ‘Big Ideas’: They recognise how this helps them to predict and understand how the world operates through more abstract concepts. They ask questions about scientific phenomena and are able to analyse these more systematically. They know that scientific concepts, including their own can change and develop overtime. They make independent investigation choices and present observations and finding in a variety of ways. They will understand that humans have both positive and negative impact on the environment and how they can act sustainably for the future.

Science Long term Plan 2022 - 2023
Working Scientifically Progression 2022 - 2023
Biology Progression 2022 - 2023
Chemistry Progression 2022 - 2023
Physics Progression 2022 - 2023