Autism Acceptance Week

Good morning,

Today marks the first day of Autism ACCEPTANCE Week!

Many children and adults, in our community, will have experience of Autism or know someone who has, and so
this week, we will be sharing information with the children and guiding them on how to understand and accept friends who learn, and perhaps act, a little differently.

Having Autism does not mean you have an illness or disease. It just means your brain works in a different way.

Some, but not all, people with Autism may:

- Find it hard to communicate and interact with other people.
- Find it hard to understand how other people think or feel.
- Find things like bright lights or loud noises overwhelming, stressful or uncomfortable, or find them stimulating and enjoy them.
- Get anxious or upset about unfamiliar situations and social events.
- Take longer to understand information.
- Do, or think, the same things over and over.

Here are some helpful websites on Autism and Autism Acceptance Week:

If you ever have any questions on this, please do speak to your class teacher, or a member of staff, here at school who will do everything they can to help and support you.

Have a lovely week!

Thank you,

Miss Shaw.