Charitable Donations

Good morning, everyone.

This year, we have organised a special clothing donation event and partnered with two charities to help re-use and re-cycle any unwanted clothing items before Christmas. Please read below for details of this chance to help our local community and pass on any unwanted clothing that may be filling a wardrobe at home!

From Monday 22nd November, we are wanting families to donate any unwanted Christmas jumpers to school. If you do not have a Christmas Jumper for your children, please join us in the hall on Friday 3rd December to take one home ready for Christmas Jumper day! The more jumpers that are donated, the more families will benefit from this free opportunity 

This is the first charity we are partnering with this year. The Uniform Project is helping parents, schools and communities in Nottingham reduce clothing waste by upcycling school uniform and to save this clothing from landfills, helping save the planet.

They achieve this by collecting uniform donations from schools throughout the year and releasing them back to the community in December and August for families in need.

After school on Friday 3rd December, all the nameless lost property in school will be laid out in the hall. Families can take home anything which could be used by their children. Any items left after this will get donated to the Uniform Project. In the New Year, we will set up a uniform donation point in school that the charity will collect at different points in the school year.

This is the second charity we are donating to this year. Families and staff can donate any unwanted football kits in good condition and these will get re-distributed as gifts for children who may not get presents this Christmas.

Any unwanted kits can again be given to class teachers and there will be a collection point on Friday 3rd December in the hall as well.

We hope to see lots of families coming to the hall on Friday 3rd December after school. All clothing will be on display again after school on Monday 6th December before any remaining is donated to charity. Any clothing donations can be given to the school office or your child’s class teacher.

Thank you.