Comic Relief 2022


Red Nose Day is next Friday, 18th March.

By raising money, we can help people live free from poverty, violence and discrimination. This includes funding organisations that are supporting people right now in Ukraine, and those who have chosen to cross the border and become refugees. By supporting Comic Relief, we have the power to change lives.

Currently, local charities are not accepting physical donations to support Ukrainian refugees fleeing their country. Instead, they are asking for money. With this in mind, as a school, we are supporting those affected by the war in Ukraine through the money we raise next Friday for Comic Relief. If you can afford 50p please donate this, however, please feel free to donate more - all money raised will go to Comic Relief who are helping vulnerable families across the world but also those affected by the violence in Ukraine at the moment.

DRESS TO IMPRESS (Minimum 50p donation)
We are joining schools across the UK in a dressing-up day to remember! Your child doesn't have to wear uniform next Friday. We suggest that they 'dress to impress' as their favourite superhero whether it’s as Superman, Wonder Woman, a superhero of their own creation, or a local hero in our community. Your child can choose to wear something red. Please pay 50p and dress to impress!

Comic Relief superhero masks can be downloaded here if you want to design your own:

- Your child might want to wear a Red Nose. These can be purchased from Argos or Sainsbury's stores.

- You might want your child to wear a Comic Relief T-Shirt or buy official merchandise with a percentage of the cost going towards Comic Relief - these can be found here:

or here:

Please don't feel like you have to spend lots of money - we know that many people are facing financial challenges at the moment. Please feel free to only give what you can afford.

There will also be some fun activities going on in school on the day - let's make this a memorable day and raise lots of money to help support people to live free from poverty, violence and discrimination.

Thank you.

Mr Skirton