December Value: Co-operation

Our value for December is CO-OPERATION.  In assembly, we introduced our new Southwark Value and discussed what it meant to work together and co-operate with others.  We discussed times when we have co-operated well as well as times when we could have co-operated better.

We learnt that co-operating well involves some important rules:

1. Listening carefully to understand what people are saying.

2. Sharing your ideas/possessions with others.

3. Taking turns when someone else wants speak or share their ideas

4. Compromising when you have a disagreement.

5. Doing your best & encouraging others to do their best.

6. Thanking others for the part they are playing.

Can you learn from Geese?  They work as a team and co-operate with each other to enable them to fly faster and further.

How loud can you HONK to encourage others?