Diversity Day - Race, Racism & Anti-Racism (5.10.23)

Dear Parents & Carers,


This week in school, we have celebrated one of our 'Diversity Days'. Each half term, we celebrate our diversity, focussing on a different topic which makes us different. (You may remember that last year we had diversity days linked to autism awareness as well as our cultural diversity with 'A Taste of Southwark'. During these days, we learn why we are all different and what this means for those who are different. We ALWAYS focus on the fact that our differences should be celebrated - whatever they are! Our diversity days usually focus on a 'protected characteristic'. For more information on what this means, please visit: https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/equality-act/protected-characteristics

This week we have focussed on 'race'. We discussed the meaning of race, how different races are similar and different, as well as discussing the important topic of racism. We learned the importance of our actions being anti-racist and that it isn't just enough to not act in a racist way but that we all must play a part in challenging racism and prejudice. We discussed some of the things we can do to to be anti-racist including telling a trusted adult and, if we feel confident to, asking someone calmly to stop acting in the way they are if they speaking or acting in a racist way. In school, in our community, and in our wider society, we all have a vital part to play to end racism and prejudice.

This diversity day is linked to Black History Month this October and also our Southwark Value of EQUALITY. Click the link below to view some of our assembly PowerPoint slides linked to our Southwark Values:


We have been very impressed with the maturity and compassion shown by the children this week as we discussed this important topic. Why not have a chat with your child about race, racism and the importance of us all acting in an anti-racist' way to challenge all forms of racism and prejudice we see.

Thank you for your continued support in making our school and community the best possible place for our children to grow and develop.

Mr Skirton