DON'T WORRY Assembly (mental health and wellbeing)

DON'T WORRY ASSEMBLY (mental health and wellbeing)

This week, our children are discussing how best to deal with worries and anxiety. Here are some assembly slides for you to look through with your child at home if you wish to.

Remember, it is OK to not be OK - we are here to support and help you. There are lots of ways you can let us know about your worries including:

- 'Worry Boxes' in each hub

- Talking to your class teacher or Teaching Assistant or Learning Mentor

- 'Speak Out' button on our school website

You can also find out more information about how we keep ourselves safe and well on our school website:

Here, you can click on different tabs to find out information about safeguarding, attendance, behaviour, mental health and wellbeing, and online safety. There are lots of resources suitable for children as well as parents/carers.

Don't Worry Assembly