Earrings & Healthy Snacks


Good morning, everyone.

Please be reminded that earrings are not allowed in school. This is due to health & safety reasons. Please make sure that you remove your child's earrings before they come into school.

We ask that you try to arrange for your children's ears to be pierced over the summer break to give time for them to heal and be removed before returning to school.

If you have had their ears pierced in the last 6 weeks, we ask that you cover the earrings with plasters. When the 6 weeks have passed, they can remove them whilst in school.

Nursery, Reception, and Year 1 have free milk and fruit so please do not bring in a snack for your child.

Year 1 have free fruit (you can pay for milk if you wish) so no snack is needed.

Year 2 - Year 6 can pay for milk if they wish. Parents can send their children with healthy snack from home to eat at break time. We ask that this is a healthy snack e.g. a piece of fruit or healthy lunch/breakfast bar. Your child's class teacher will be in contact with you to remind you that the snack needs to be healthy if we notice unhealthy snacks being eaten at break time.

(Children are entitled to free milk at school until their 5th birthday. If you wish to extend this, you will need to pay for this. Please contact the school office for more information.)

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Skirton