European Championships Final - school opening at usual time.


I do hope many of you are getting excited about the final of the European Football Championships on Sunday evening. It is a momentous occasion and one which will be enjoyed by millions of people across the country.

Whoever you are supporting, I do encourage you to watch it with your children, if you feel it is appropriate. I think it is important to discuss important topics such as British Values, sporting role models and achievement, teamwork, sportsmanship, as well as speaking about the national anthem, why the players are 'taking the knee', and also discussing the emotions we might feel if we are to win or lose.

I appreciate that this might be a late night for us all and our nails may well and truly be bitten through by the end!

However, I do expect all children to be in school, on time on Monday morning, even though they might be tired from the evening before. Any absence must be for exceptional circumstances such as self-isolation or serious illness which prevents your child from coming into school.

With so much school being missed this year, it is really important that we make the most of every school day. Rest assured that we will celebrate the event, win or lose.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes in anticipation of Sunday evening!

Thank you for your understanding. See you on Monday morning!

Mr Skirton