Late Arrival at School


Good morning, everyone.

Thank you to everyone who arrives on time every day at school.

Unfortunately, we have a growing number of families arriving late at school. I appreciate 'one-offs' and exceptional circumstances do mean that occasionally children may be late into school. However, we have a growing number of children who are persistently late.

Being late affects children negatively both socially and academically. It is really important that children arrive on time. It also means that staff time is taken up with ensuring children who are late get into school rather than focussing on teaching and learning which staff should be at this time.

School gates close at 8:55am every morning. Please ensure that you are inside the school gates by this time every day. Being on time creates positive, life long habits which are vitally important for children to develop.

I will be contacting all parents whose children arrive late at school to see if we can work together to ensure that the children are not missing out on vital school time as a result of arriving late.

I would very much appreciate your support with this.

Thank you.

Mr Skirton