Mental Health Awareness Week 2021


This week is mental health awareness week. This year the focus is on nature. There is lots of research that supports the role that nature can play in protecting and supporting our mental health. Our mental health is as important as our physical health.

We do a lot to support the mental health of everyone at school; we have a comprehensive PSHE curriculum as well as a 'Mindful Moment' time slot every day, where our children can develop their strategies to support their mental health.

Click here to watch a video about the importance of nature to our mental wellbeing:

I have attached a presentation which classes will be sharing this week. Please take a look and go through some of the points with your children.

In addition to what we already do in school to support wellbeing, children will be taking part in some of the activities in this mindfulness calendar - why not take a look and have a go yourself and with your families?

For more information on keeping our minds healthy, please click on the link to be directed to the 'Mental Health & Wellbeing' page on our school website:

As always, if you are worried about your child's mental health or the wellbeing of yourself or a family member or friend, we are here to help. We can see how best we can help you and, if needed, sign post you to professional support.


Mr Skirton