Waste Week 2021

Get involved in the Great Busta Bake!

Our school is joining hundreds of other schools and taking part in Waste Week – a campaign organised by the Pod, to tackle the BIG problem of food waste!

Did you know that the amount of edible food wasted in the UK could fill eight Wembley Stadiums? Or that we throw away 20 million slices of bread EVERY day in the UK, which creates greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to over 140,000 cars every year?

During Waste Week, young people will be learning about the impact of food waste – and doing something to tackle it. This is where you come in!

We’re running the Great Busta Bake competition and inviting students to create a dish from leftovers or ingredients that might otherwise be thrown away (such as over-ripe bananas, bread crusts etc.)

There are prizes for individual winners – they could make it into the Great Busta Bake Cookbook! – and the school with the highest percentage of students taking part could win an exciting assembly featuring the Wastebuster characters, so please get involved:

• It can be their own creation or an existing recipe
• They need to email an image of their dish and recipe
• Entries will be judged on edibility, eco-impact, practicality and presentation
• The deadline is midnight on Friday 26 March 2021

I will send out more details on how to enter shortly.

Let’s Bust Food Waste – Let’s Bake!

Competition Guidelines