Online Safety Post 24.3.21


New controls have been released by YouTube to give parents better filtering management. Previously the only filtering option was 'Restricted Mode' which basically meant videos flagged as 18+ were filtered out. Called 'Supervised Experience' there are now filters for:

Explore - 9+
Explore More - 13+
Most of YouTube - all videos except 18+ (the current Restricted Mode)

YouTube released a handy explainer video here:

Online hate speech is any online communication or expression which encourages or promotes hatred, discrimination or violence, against any person or group, because of their race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity.

This is a really serious issue facing young people using the internet and one which is very important to discuss in an age appropriate way with your children. It can be referred to as cyberbullying or trolling and if serious enough may break the law and be seen as a hate crime.

Internet Matters have some really good advice to support children and young people, which includes facts and statistics, why hate speech is so dangerous, the law and much more.


For more online safety information, please visit:

I have attached the guide for your information.

Thank you.

Mr Skirton

Internet Matters: Tackling online hate speech and trolling