Picture News: Red Phone Boxes

Picture News: Red Phone Boxes

Our final Picture News for this term is about the thousands of traditional red telephone boxes that are being revived by local communities and couldĀ be transformed into museums, libraries and homes for defibrillators.

The telephone company, BT, has revealed that almost 4,000 more of its phone boxes across the UK are being made available because they have become unnecessary due to the use of mobile phones.

Things to talk about at home:

  • Do you know where the nearest red telephone box is to your school or home?
  • Is it still in use as a phone or is it being used for something else?
  • If you could give a phone box a new purpose, what would it be?
  • Can you find someone who has used a red telephone box to make calls?
  • What can they remember about them?


Could you design your own phone box? What would it be used for?