Early Collection From School


Good afternoon, everyone.

Please can I ask parents/carers to NOT collect your child early from the school office unless in exceptional circumstances.

This week, we have had lots of parents/carers asking to collect their children early (between 2:50pm and 3:15pm) from the school office. Whilst I do appreciate that you may have a good reason to do this, it puts a huge strain on our staff. Due to the gates being open at these times, we are unable to let children walk to the office on their own and so we have to release a member of staff to do this. As all staff are busy teaching or supporting children at this time, it does mean that this is interrupted.

I do understand that some parents have pre-agreed alternative collection arrangements due to exceptional circumstances which we wish to continue to support.

As you know, we are a large school and so we can easily be walking children to the office for long periods of time and this is just not manageable for us when we need to be concentrating on children's education.

Please be aware therefore, that we may not be able to release a member of staff immediately for this and you may have to wait a while until we are.

I apologise for this but I am sure you can imagine that in such a large school, it can become very unmanageable very quickly.

Please don't hesitate to come and speak with us about this if you have any questions of concerns.

Thanks for your continued support.

Mr Skirton