Homework Expectations

Hi all,

An important update on homework across all year groups here at Southwark.

I cannot tell you how much we value your support with homework. As busy as family life is, we know that when our children practice their learning at home, they make more progress. We were overwhelmed with your support during the lockdown closures and we want to keep the momentum going!

As a school, we’re making a couple of changes to homework in our mission to keep our learning cutting edge and enjoyable for everyone involved. Not only that, we have thought carefully about the different expectations we have for children at different ages so in the picture, you’ll see a simple grid detailing what activities your child will be set each week and how long we expect the activities to take.

Some of the activities are new. Over the next week or so, your class teachers will be able to give you more information about any of the changes you’re unsure of. For Key Stage 2, Spelling Shed is brand new and I’ll post again later with everything you need to know.

We really do appreciate your support. Message your hub assistant headteacher or your child’s teacher if you have any questions.