Picture News: Do we need to experience danger to learn how to be safe?

Good afternoon all,

Here is this next week's Picture News, where we will be discussing whether it is important to experience danger in order to understand safety.

A German professor believes that secure playgrounds prevent young people from finding out important dangers during their early years. Rolf Schwarz, from Karlsruhe College of Schooling in Germany, argued that ‘we want to permit youngsters to return into touch with threat’. Built in 2018, a very high climbing tower, with many risky obstacles in Berlin-Frohnau’s Ludwig Lesser Park is an example of a trend that has become popular in Germany over the last five years.

Things to talk about at home…

Are there any parks close to where you live? Do you visit them?
Talk about the importance of safety at parks, why do you think parks and the equipment at them is made to be safe?
If you could design your dream playground, what would be in it?