Please read at least 3 times per week!

Hello and a happy new year to you all! I hope you’re all doing okay.

As we get back into the swing of things, can I please remind you of the importance of hearing your child read 3+ times every week. This is for all children at Southwark: Nursery up to Year 6. You need to record this in your child’s Reading Record (excluding Nursery).

Reading a book with your child not only helps them to make progress with reading and writing, but it also stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world.

If your child is a reluctant reader or isn’t yet able to read words and sentences themselves, you doing the reading for them whilst they look at the pictures is absolutely fine! It’s sharing a book together that counts.

Lots of you are already doing a brilliant job but if you haven’t been reading with your child as often as you could, make it your new year’s resolution and get those 3+ times a week built in to your weekly routine.

Teachers are checking Reading Records weekly so please make sure you’re keeping these up to date.

Thank you in advance for your support.