Updated Remote Education Plan

Please find the updated Remote Education Plan attached to this Dojo message.

Currently, we are experiencing high levels of staff absence due to Covid-19. As you are aware, this is a national problem as people return to work after the Christmas break. I want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure that classes remain open.

However, this does mean that your child may have a different teacher in their class this week or next. We aim for this to be a member of school teaching staff however, we have had to bring in supply teachers for much of this absence. As you will imagine, this is an extremely expensive measure and therefore does have a huge financial impact on the school.

Our priority is to keep classes open as much as we possibly can. However, please make sure that you are aware of our remote education plans in case we have no other option but to close individual classes due to not having staff available to cover all classes. I really hope we can avoid this but I want to keep you informed of the situation we are facing.

Thank you for your continued support - I ask that you continue to wear face coverings whilst on the school site and ensure that you maintain social distancing. Children should still come into school unless they are showing Covid-19 symptoms or they test positive.

Further information about remote education can be found on our school website: https://www.southwarkprimary.net/essential-information/remote-education/

Thank you.

Mr Skirton

Remote Education Plan