Punctuality at School (21.9.23)

Dear Parents & Carers,


Being on time for school is very important. Positive habits around punctuality are essential for children as they grow up and move to secondary school and beyond.

Unfortunately, we have had increasing numbers of children arriving at school late recently. Please make every effort to be in school on time. Children can enter their classrooms from 8:40am until 8:55am. The school gates will close at 8:55am each day. If your child arrives at the gates after this, your child needs to be signed in at the school office with an adult and they will have a late mark on the school register.

It is extremely disruptive to both your child's education and wellbeing if they regularly arrive at school late. It also takes up valuable staff time who could be better using this time to support the learning of other pupils and not supporting large numbers of pupils arriving late at school.

If your child is late, you receive a text message reminder and if they are late more more than one day each week you will be sent a reminder letter. If late arrivals continue, we will arrange a meeting with you to try and resolve the issue with you.

I do appreciate your support with this.

Thank you.

Mr Skirton