Parking Safety Reminder (5.10.23)

Good morning.


I am sorry to write to you again asking that all parents and carers must park and drive safely, following the rules of the road, whilst dropping off and picking up outside of school at the beginning and end of the school day. There was a very near miss this morning and I am very worried that we will soon have an accident which puts our children at risk. I appreciate that drop off and pick up can be busy and also frustrating for parents but it cannot result in driving or parking which is dangerous. Please consider not using your car if you are able to or using Rosegarth car park and entrance, to reduce the amount of traffic on Park Lane.

Please follow this advice carefully:

Between 8:30am - 9:05am and 3:00pm - 3:20pm:

- Do not park on or behind double yellow lines
- Do not park on kerbs or pavements
- Do not enter the school car park unless you have a blue badge.
- If you have a blue badge, please consider whether you do need to use the car park as we only have two disabled parking bays and it gets very busy.
- Do not park outside of designated bays when in the car park.
- Please consider using Rosegarth car park which has a lot of empty spaces during this time and is far safer as a result of this.

The front car park is a staff car park. It should only be used for parents who are dropping off and collecting from Breakfast Club or After School Club or by blue badge holders. I believe the car park is currently unsafe during these busy times and that is why I am taking the steps I am. If it remains like this and parents do not follow the advice in this post, I may have to close the gates completely to all cars during drop off and collection.

I ask for your support with this. My highest priority has to be the safety or children, staff and parents.

Thank you.