Online Safety Post 18.1.24


The attached online safety guide focuses on how to set up parental controls for iPhone and Android apps. It highlights a number of tips such as how to block app downloads, how to stop auto-updates and how to restrict apps.

The things social media influencers do and say online can be quite impactful. Around a third of children and young people think that, because the influencer is a 'celebrity', what they share is always good. But we know that isn't always the case, sometimes it can be advice based on inaccurate evidence, selling something because they've been paid to and much more. Internet Matters have a great article where various specialists offer advice and guidance to parents/carers to help them to help their children think critically about social media influencers. You can find the article here:

Last week the Children's Commissioner released her latest report, this time looking at the views on video gaming by children. It's a fairly short, but very interesting report with some key takeaways, for example:
- Around two thirds of children say that games are beneficial to mental health and wellbeing.
- There is pressure to have better gaming equipment.
- Concerns over paid loot boxes.
- Frustrations at adults not recognising the positives of gaming.

It's worth having a read through the report which you can download here:

Although primary aged pupils are too young to use this social media platform, we appreciate that many parents make decisions to allow their children to use it. This information gives you some important information on keeping your child safe whilst using it. In April 2023 Snapchat introduced My AI which is essentially a chatbot. There was no choice, it was an embedded feature, and whilst many users are reporting a positive or mixed experience there have been some significant concerns over the advice being given to younger users. Last week Snapchat expanded their Family Centre tools which, amongst other features, allows parents to restrict the ability for My AI to respond to chats. Further details of these new features can be found here:

The full list of teen protection features can be found here:

As always, for further support please visit our school website here:

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