Online Safety - Combatting Online Bullying


Defined as “ongoing hurtful behaviour towards someone online”, cyber-bullying makes its victims feel upset, uncomfortable and unsafe. In the digital world, it has numerous forms – such as hurtful comments on a person’s posts or profile; deliberately leaving them out of group chats; sharing embarrassing images or videos of someone; or spreading gossip about them. Cyber-bullying can severely impact a young person’s mental health. This guide will provide a list of tips to help trusted adults know what to look for and how to respond to it.

In the guide attached to this Dojo post, you'll find tips such as playing online games with your child, talking about your child’s online life and being prepared to listen without showing any judgement or criticism.


combat online bullying



Internet Matters have created dedicated hubs on their website for early years, primary and secondary aged children. These hubs are full of information and resources, including common issues, top apps and platforms, resources and advice. Direct links to these hubs are:

Early Years:




Internet Matters have put together a really good, simple article so that parents/carers can learn more about cyber security which you can access by clicking the weblink below:

There is also 'Cyber Sprinters' to help children aged 7-11 learn more about cyber security. You can find further details of Cyber Sprinters by clicking the weblink below:


Many grandparents will be carers for children either in a full time or part time capacity and it is vital that they have a good understanding of the risks and issues faced by children and young people. Internet Matters have put together a fabulous guide for grandparents giving advice on a range of issues such as, screen time, online gaming, managing money, peer pressure and clicking the weblink below:

(It's also good for parents/carers as well!)

You can find further information about keeping your children safe online by visiting our school website online safety page:

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