Online Safety: YouTube


I'm sure we all spend a great deal of time on YouTube. This might be for fun or, often, for vital information on how to fix something or do that DIY task which you have been putting off for ages!

It is such a good source of entertainment and information. However, it can also present dangers for our children who can possibly access unfiltered videos and endless inappropriate adverts.

To help parents control what their children see, YouTube's 'Supervised Experience' builds on the historic 'Restricted Mode', which is essentially a filter allowing users to block content which is deemed for adult users only.

There are now 3 filtering levels which are:

- 'Explore' for users 9+.
- 'Explore More' - for users 13+
- 'Most of YouTube' - all content excluding content marked as 18+.

Importantly, parents manage these settings from their own device via Google Family Link.

There's a really simple and helpful guide below which includes a walkthrough video. (This can be found under 'Supervised Accounts on YouTube - How do I Get Started?' under frequently asked questions.)

There is also information on YouTube's App for children called 'YouTube Kids' which is well worth downloading to your smartphones and tablets for your younger children to use.

I hope you find this helpful.

Mr Skirton