Online Safety App Guide


Lockdown has sent children’s screen time soaring again. We understand that making sure that young people stay safe online can be tough when there are new apps, games and sites every day.

To help, National Online Safety have launched an app of their own. Packed with hundreds of insightful guides, it’ll keep you informed about the latest online crazes – and hazards. There’s also a free online safety parents’ course, compiled by experts and presented by online safety ambassador Myleene Klass. The National Online Safety app is available to download now from Google Play and the App Store. In the picture you'll see a list of the top 10 ways you can get the most out of it.


If you haven't already done this, please do it now - it'll be really helpful and empower you to keep yourself and your children safe online!

You can register for a National Online Safety Account using this link:


Download the National Online Safety App and click 'register for free' and then select 'parent' option. It will then ask you to write 'Southwark Primary School' as your child's school and you can log in / register from there. If you have already registered, you can just 'log in' on the first page of the App. Any problems, please just ask.

On this account, you will find information about how to keep your children safe when using devices, app, and games such as; Alexa, Among us, and League of Legends. You can also find out information about other issues including; gaming disorders, online bullying, online grooming, and much, much more. The information is regularly updated and relevant to new games and crazes that our children want to be part of.

You are free to look through the resources and complete the online safety course too.

We will continue to send out weekly online safety Dojo messages to help support you, but this online resource will allow you to access the information and guidance you need at your own pace and when you really need it! We hope it helps you to keep up to date with the ever-changing online world.