Dear Parents & Carers,

At Southwark, we are proud of the opportunities we give our children including school trips and visits and sporting activities as well as local visits and dojo trips. As a school, we have also looked at the way we deliver and communicate these trips and activities to you.

Therefore, this week your child will come home with a yellow OV4 consent form. This form will allow you to give consent for school trips and visits (except residentials) for the remainder of this year.

Teachers will still inform you of every trip and activity your child will take part in however completing this annual OV4 will REPLACE completing a form for every separate visit your child takes part in. We will then only ask you to complete a new form at the start of each academic new year.

What we would like you to do...

PLEASE COMPLETE THE YELLOW OV4 FORM AND HAND THIS TO YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  This will be brought home by your child but copies can be requested from the school office.

Please complete all sections. Please note dietary information includes foods they can/cannot eat e.g. if they are vegetarian, as well as allergen information such as no nuts/dairy.

If any information changes after the form is completed for example medication, medical conditions or contact details, please let the office know as soon as possible and we can update our records.

If you have any questions please ask.

Thank you.