Picture News: Is there a place for sensory toys in the classroom? 24.5.21

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This week's Picture News is all about the newest toy craze sweeping schools called Pop-Its.

These have replaced the fidget spinner as the must have item in the hands of both young and old. TikTok exposure is behind their rapid popularity increase, with the hashtag '#popit' gaining over two and a half billion views!

Pop-Its are the newest sensory fidget toy where users repeatedly pop dimples in and out in the same way you may pop bubble wrap. Pop-It style toys were originally created to be used as a stress-reliever to help some
children concentrate in school. But in some schools, they have been thought of as a classroom distraction.

This week's British value is: Mutual respect and tolerance.

Things to talk about at homeā€¦

Have you used or seen anyone using a Pop-It? Have you ever used any other sensory toys? E.g. fidget spinners.
What do you think it is about the Pop-It that makes it so popular? Do you think Pop-Its are helpful in the classroom or a distraction?

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