Picture News: What life skills should we learn in school?

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This week's Picture News is about footballer Christian Eriksen. Players, teams and fans have sent messages of support to him after he collapsed just before half-time in Denmark's opening Euro 2020 game. The team’s captain, Simon Kjaer is being hailed a hero for carrying out a swift and potentially life-saving response. The game was suspended as he was given treatment on the pitch and eventually taken to a nearby hospital, where he's recovering well.

This week's British Value is INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY.

Things to talk about at home…

Do you know any first aid? Where did you learn it?
Have you ever been in a situation where you have seen first aid being used? What happened? Can you think of any other practical skills you think would be useful to learn at school?

To find out more, follow this link: https://www.picture-news.co.uk/discuss/2021-06-25/