Road Safety & Safe Parking (3.10.23)

Dear Parent & Carers,


I am concerned about the safety of pedestrians at drop off and collection times as a result of inconsiderate, and in some cases, dangerous driving and parking in the local area. I have contacted the local police who will be supporting us with more regular monitoring of the local area to enforce parking rules. In addition to this, I am also concerned about a large number of families arriving late at school.

Please read the following points carefully and ensure that you are following each point to keep the whole community safe:

- Please park safely and considerately, following the rules of the road. This means not parking on or behind double yellow lines or parking on kerbs or fully on pavements. This is dangerous and we have had some near miss accidents already this term as a result of this.

- The front school car park on Park Lane is a staff car park. The only parents who should use this car park are parents dropping off or collecting their children in Breakfast or After School Club. The only exceptions to this are any parents with blue disability badges. Please note that we only have 2 designated spaces for Blue Badge Holders. If these spaces are in use, we will operate a '1 in and 1 out' rule.

- From Monday, between 8:30am and 9:05am, and 3:00pm and 3:20pm, the front car park will only be accessible to Blue Badge holders to drop of or collect. This is to ensure that we keep the car park as clear as possible for safety reasons.

- To avoid congestion on Park Lane, please consider parking in the new Rosegarth car park as this does not currently have any restrictions and will allow you to drop off and collect through the Rosegarth gate. There are lots of empty parking spaces here which is far safer than parking dangerously on Park Lane.

- Please consider walking to school rather than driving if this is an option.

- Arriving late at school directly affects your child's social, emotional wellbeing and academic progress. Healthy, positive attitudes to punctuality have a positive effect on a child's success in adult life. Unfortunately, we have too many children arriving late at school regularly. We monitor the times where children arrive late at school and myself and the attendance team will be contacting parents of children who are late. We do understand 'one-offs' but we cannot continue to support regular late arrivals at school.

Thank you for your support with this.

Mr Skirton