Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for your continued support in parking safely in the school community.

Unfortunately, I am still very concerned about safety in and around the local area as well as in the front car park during the busy drop off and collection times each day. The front car park is especially dangerous due to the number of cars using the car park. Whilst we are trying to accommodate parking for blue badge holders, unfortunately, due to the small number of allocated parking bays, we have high numbers of cars parking outside of designated bays. This does present dangers for children and adults crossing the busy car park outside of allocated spaces. I ask for your support in the following ways:

- The front car park should only be used by blue badge holders, especially during drop off and collection times. If you have a blue badge, please only park in designated parking bays. If there are no spaces available, please park elsewhere in the local community, adhering to the rules of the road. (Rosegarth Walk has a lot of allocated parking spaces).

- If you are a blue badge holder, please consider whether you are able to park elsewhere as we only have two designated blue badge bays and parking outside of allocated bays does present dangers for drivers and pedestrians.

- Please do not park along the fence on the left coming into the front car park at any time as this makes it unsafe for children and adults leaving and entering cars parked in this area.

- Please drive cautiously and slowly in the local area and in the front car park, following the rules of the road e.g. not parking on double yellow lines, designated 'no waiting' areas, not parking on kerbs or over driveways etc.

- If you are dropping off or collecting from Breakfast Club or After School Club during the morning or afternoon collection times, please do not park in the front car park as this adds to the number of vehicles trying to navigate the very small car park.

- Please try to make use of the car park by Rosegarth Walk to ease the congestion at the front of school both in our school car park but also on the local roads as well. I have attached a map for your reference.

- Please consider walking to and from school if possible to reduce the congestion on the local roads. This also has a lot of health benefits!

I am monitoring the situation carefully and I will have to review the use of the car park in the future if the situation does not improve. I am also seeking external advice from the local council to advise me on the best way forward to ensure I am doing everything possible to keep everyone safe. I hope that you will all understand that safety is my highest priority and unfortunately, I believe that the parking situation in and around the front car park especially, is currently unsafe.

Thank you for your support in this important matter.

Mr Skirton