School Lockdown Practise


Dear Parents / Carers,

Today we practised our school 'lockdown' procedures. Please know that this was a practise and there was nothing to worry about.

Just like our fire drill procedures to keep everyone safe in the event of a fire, we also have 'lockdown' procedures to keep us all safe in the event of something or someone dangerous on the school site.

The children were so sensible and calm during the practise where children and staff had to go inside their classrooms, sit under desks and away from windows and doors. Blinds were shut and doors and windows were locked.

We practised for 10 minutes and then went back to our lessons and activities.

Staff let children know this was going to happen before we started so children were prepared for it and did not worry. We will practise this again later in the year without warning so we all know what to do in the unlikely event of us needing to use the lockdown procedure at school.

I must assure you that today was a practise and there was nothing at all to worry about. The children were extremely sensible and calm throughout.

Thank you.