Southwark News & Information

Dear Parents & Carers,

Please read below for a few important reminders.

The photographers will be coming into school on Wednesday 6th December to take individual photographs and family groups. They have confirmed that all orders will be processed and delivered to home addresses before Christmas.

Thank you for your continued support in parking safely in the school community at drop off and collection times. I ask that you continue to park in line with the rules of the road. Please be reminded that the school car park at the front of school should only be used by staff and blue disability badge holders. I ask that all blue badge holders think carefully about whether they need to use the car park as there are too many cars waiting for extended periods of time outside of allocated parking bays in the morning and afternoon. This does make the car park more dangerous. Please do not park in the car park outside of the allocated bays, even if you are a blue badge holder. The afternoons are especially dangerous - I am concerned that an accident may well happen. Please try to make use of the car park by Rosegarth Walk to ease the congestion at the front of school both in our school car park but also on the local roads as well. I am monitoring the situation carefully and I will have to review the use of the car park in the future if the situation does not improve. I hope that you will all understand that safety is my highest priority. Thank you.

Unfortunately, we have had far too many late arrivals at school recently. It is very important that all children arrive at school by 8:55am when the external gates are shut. We understand 'one-offs' but being late regularly has a serious impact on a child's development and also does not build positive lifelong habits which children need as they move to secondary school and beyond. It also means that staff have to take up time to take children who are late to class which should be better used in supporting children's learning across the school. We monitor late arrivals and will be in contact with parents of children who are regularly late to see how we can work together to reduce the persistent late arrivals. I ask for your help with this as it is becoming a problem for the school which we really need to address.

Thank you for your continued support. We are so proud of our school and the wonderful community which we are lucky to be a part of.

Mr Skirton