Southwark Value: Empathy


Today, we had an assembly about the importance of showing empathy to others.  To see the PowerPoint, see the values section of our school website!

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of someone else. We might 'walk a mile in their shoes' which is our logo for empathy.

To show empathy, we learnt that it is important to:

1. Pay attention to how other people are feeling
2. Think before we speak or act
3. Realise that everyone is different
4. Stand up for others

We also discussed that is is sometimes necessary for us to feel sad. That is OK. To show someone empathy, we need to acknowledge their feelings and support them to process these feelings. We need to try not to change the subject and 'make them forget' but support them and listen to how we could help them feel better.

Please look through the slides I have attached and discuss this with your family. You can click on the weblinks to watch the videos like we did today in classes.

If we all showed more empathy to understand how others are feeling, our classrooms, the school, our local community, in fact everywhere would be a better place to be!

Who could you show empathy to today?

Mr Skirton