Southwark Values: Equality


Dear Parents & Carers,

This week we had an assembly about our Southwark Value of Equality. We discussed the importance of treating people fairly no matter what their differences.

We learnt the difference between 'equality' and 'equity' and how sometimes it is important to make certain adaptations or changes to allow some people to access the same opportunities as others.

We discussed that our differences make us better and how we should celebrate them.

We focussed on the importance of treating people fairly no matter what race they are or the colour of their skin. As it is Black History Month, we remembered Dr Martin Luther King Jnr and Rosa Parks and how they were so important in the Civil Rights Movement in the USA when their peaceful protesting led to changes to unfair laws.

We also discussed how gender should not be a difference leading to anyone being treated unfairly and neither should a person’s age or whether a person is able-bodied or has a disability.

Please open the document attached to see the assembly slides. It would be great to take some time looking through this with your children - there are some really interesting video links for you to click on as well.

At Southwark we all work hard to make sure that we celebrate our differences and treat everyone fairly. We expect all of our school community to do the same as well.

Thank you.

Mr Skirton

Southwark Value: EQUALITY