Spelling expectations at Southwark

Parent/carers of Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 children,

Here we go then – it’s time to find out about our new approach to spelling at Southwark!

Spelling Shed is an innovative online platform that is not only going to transform the way we teach spelling in school but also, and crucially for you, the way children practise their spellings at home!

From this week, we are replacing weekly spelling homework sheets with an expectation that Key Stage 2 children spend 15 minutes + a week on the Spelling Shed game! We know from the massive success of Times Tables Rockstars that our children become much more engaged with home learning when it can be completed in a fun way on an electronic device.

I want to be clear though – this is more than just an engaging online game we’re buying into. Your child’s teacher will remain in full control. Each week, teachers will change the words your children see on the game so children are constantly learning and practising new spelling patterns. Although the spelling test children complete is moving online, this will still take place every Friday in school so practice every week is essential.

There are 4 different modes each week’s spellings can be learned in: easy, medium, hard, extreme. If your child is finding the spellings easy, the ‘extreme’ mode is sure to challenge them. If your child is finding the spellings tricky, the ‘easy’ option will provide the player with support. For example, they will start by filling in missing letters as opposed to having to spell the entire word.

One of the most exciting things about Spelling Shed is that teachers will be able to track how often your children are playing the game. Who will be earning a top spot in the class leagues?

Here is all you need to do to get set up on Spelling Shed.

1. Visit www.play.edshed.com on any device or just search ‘Spelling Shed game’ on Google. Add it to your favourites so it’s easy to access every week. There is also the Spelling Shed app. This is the easiest way to access the game but it does have a one-off cost of £2.99. If you wish to purchase the app, fire away but there is absolutely no expectation to do this – the website is free of charge and works just fine.

2. Login and have fun! Your child has been given their login details in school today - these should be stuck inside their Reading Record.

Thank you in advance for your support. Message your child’s class teacher or me if you have any questions or have any problems getting set up.

Have a lovely weekend.