Spring Term Learning!

Spring 1 has been full of exciting learning opportunities for all of our children this half term. Nursery have started their new project 'Do Dragon's exist?' Having fun exploring fiery colours and making paper chain dragons.

In Reception, the children are learning all about traditional stories in their project 'Once upon a time' recreating the houses the pigs built and making wolf finger puppets.

Year 1 are zooming off into space for their project 'Moon zoom' where they were visited by 'aliens' and have been learning about the properties of materials and the names of the planets.

Year 2 have been getting their hands (and feet!) all messy in their new project 'Muck, mess and mixtures'. They've explored lots of different textures and ingredients and had a wonderful time on their sensory bear hunt walk.

Year 3 have gone back in time to Ancient Greece for their 'Gods and Mortals' project and have become engineers designing their own wings!

Year 4 have been discovering potions, finding out about their properties and investigating if custard is a solid or liquid!

Year 5 have become 'Stargazers' learning about the solar system and have been hard at work creating a moonscape using different sewing techniques.

Finally Year 6 have become Explorers in their 'Frozen Kingdom' Project researching the achievements of Ernest Shackleton and the life of the Innuit tribes.

Have a look at some of the fantastic photos attached. For more information on your child's project, you can find this on your year group's newsletter which was sent at the start of the term.

We can't wait to see what they do next!