WE FEEL GOOD: Children's Mental Health


This year, we are working with WE.org who are an international charity who support children and young people to 'create change for good' within their local communities.

Just before Christmas, we took part in the social action project WE SCARE HUNGER where we learned about the challenges faced by many families to provide enough food for everyone in the family. You were all incredible and donated enough food packages to fill our minibus. These were delivered to our local food bank. You made a real difference in our community. Your actions changed people's lives!

This week we have started a new project called WE FEEL GOOD. This project is trying to turn worries into positives thoughts. I think we'd all agree that this is so important at the moment! We learned about positive affirmations and how a simple phrase can help transform our own and other people's self-esteem and confidence.

Our assembly slides are attached so please take a look as a family this week. It would be great to see some positive mirror messages being made! Go for it over the next two weeks - let's all do something to make ourselves, as well as others in our families, feel good!

 Thank you.

Mr Skirton